The Law Offices of Arsinoi D. Lainioti take pride in handling the matters of our clients
professionally, ethically, cost effectively and with integrity.   We firmly believe that it is
imperative for our clients, and in particular our clients from abroad, to fully understand
and agree to the legal services which they will receive as well as the conditions under
which those services will be provided by our firm.

As a result, prior to agreeing to represent a client, we will ascertain whether there is a
conflict of interest or other circumstances which would prevent our firm from
accepting a case. Once we fully review the prospective case, we provide clients with a
letter of engagement, fully explaining the scope of the legal services to be provided as
well as the billing practices to be followed, unless the nature of the case prevents us
from doing so.

Fees are predominantly calculated on an hourly basis and in accordance with the
actual time expended. Depending on the nature of the case, a flat fee or
contingency-based fees may exceptionally be agreed upon. We routinely require a
payment in advance. This retainer fee is set off against subsequent invoices.
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